what do we do?

We create beautiful, functional pieces.

Meticulously constructed, hand made furniture and styling pieces. As each piece is handmade it us utterly unique and we lean into that uniqueness by sourcing and highlighting the intricacy of each material and element we work with.

Based in Noosa QLD.


All Oak Lab creations are our own unique and original designs. The first step in our process is design, every Oak Lab creation is hand drawn and then rendered into a 3d model to fully realise the vision. If you have a concept or vision for a required piece, please get in touch to see if we can help you bring that creation to life.

Rendering / initial design for Alterior motif bench


We do not limit our fabrication to one medium or material. Depending on the aesthetic, budget and functional requirements of each design we will select the ideal material and means of fabrication to achieve perfection with the finished piece. Metal, wood, concrete, resin. Laser cutting, tig welding, timber milling, you name it we can do it and if we can’t, we know some pretty damn talented folks who can lend a hand.

Got an idea in mind for a custom piece? Fill out our enquiry form below to discuss your concept and receive a quote.

Welding pic1.jpg